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Fun Trip to Grand Cayman

In March of 2009, my husband and I took a Caribbean cruise that included a visit to the Grand Cayman Island. The colorful island infrastructure greeted us as we approached the coastline to begin our adventure.

When we arrived on land, we were surrounded by bustling shops and the savory smells of Caribbean cuisine. Unfortunately, we only had about 2 hours to explore the island before departing for our Stingray City excursion. Accompanied by a couple dozen other tourists, we boarded one of the boats waiting along the shore and sailed away from the island.

The sun sparkled across the deep blue water as we glided across the open sea. The dark sapphire color suddenly lightened to a pristine aqua, revealing the crystal waters of Stingray City. Comprised of several shallow sandbars, the calm waters of the North Sound are not very deep – only about 4 to 5 feet – and are the perfect home for the intriguing southern stingray.

The stingrays here are very friendly and interact with humans almost every day. Still, it was a bit intimidating to see the gigantic creatures swim so close by.  Female southern stingrays are nearly 5 feet wide! They were not at all afraid to swim even closer to me, brushing my skin as they passed.

I was mesmerized by this majestic sea animal and its willingness to explore my presence! Slowly I lost my fear and found myself playing with them. I think it is so incredible that an animal can be so friendly, so beautiful, and yet at the same time carry such a lethal weapon on its tail.

Stingray City was an unforgettable experience! Before heading back to the island, we traveled a little deeper into the ocean and had the chance to explore more underwater life along colorful coral reefs – it was beautiful! On the ride back toward the sights and sounds of Grand Cayman, I captured some inspiring  pictures of old boats, rocking back and forth in the gentle waves while tied to the docks.

My adventure in the Grand Cayman Islands has ended, but the memories will inspire me for many years to come!

Some artwork inspired by this beautiful place includes “Red Coral“.

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