Fine Art by Maria Williams

Art Inspired by Nature

From my earliest memories, I was fascinated with the colors found in nature. From the speckled sunlight reflected on the surface of a river to the palest pink of a newly unfurled flower, I have always loved to take in the nature that was around me at any given time. I love spending time outdoors looking at colors and all forms of life.

Very passionate about the arts, nature and life are my main inspirations. I am attracted to art of all forms, whether it is a floral, landscape, seascape, still life, or abstract. Each piece of art is a piece of myself. Oil is my favorite medium but I also like working with acrylics and pastels. I love visiting places of natural beauty. Each time I visit a new place, I return home with a myriad of memories that often become the subjects of my paintings.

- Maria Williams