Fine Art by Maria Williams

About the Artist

Maria Williams

Maria Williams’ interest in arts began early in life, when she would participate in arts at school. She began painting with serious interest in 2005, and gains inspiration from nature. Very passionate about art, she enjoys painting floral scenes, landscapes and seascapes.

Maria was born and raised in Ponce, Puerto Rico. She graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of PR with a Bachelor of Liberal Studies and a Major in Commerce. After graduating, most of her work has been related to design, arts and technology. Maria has worked in key positions of marketing, creative direction, web development and design.

Her work experience and love for nature were combined into a passion she expresses on canvas. Maria pursued her development in fine arts in 2005 by continuing her education through specialized classes and independent study. She creates breath-taking artwork with oils, pastels and acrylics.

Those who purchase Maria’s artwork comment on the vivid and brilliant colors she uses, a bold technique that creates paintings that seem to pop out of the canvas. She attributes this to the tropical scenes and landscapes she witnessed as a child and during her travels. Traveling is something Maria truly enjoys, and she uses these occasions to gather amazing inspiration that she later infuses into her work.

Fans will notice that some of Maria’s artwork is signed with her maiden name “Maria Gonzalez.” In 2009 she got married in Derry, NH and she now resides with her husband Jermaine in Manchester, NH.